Fontburn Reservoir 30 Oct 22

NE Score Championships regional event.
Sunday, 30th October 2022

Fontburn Reservoir 30 Oct 22

Final Details

Covid-19: This event will be organised to comply with current guidance from the Government and BO with respect to the ongoing COVID-19 problems. Please follow any notices and directions from club officals, but more importantly try to keep in mind sensible social distancing, both in the parking area and also whilst competing.
Additional information is required of competitors to allow NHS Test and Trace if a problems arises from the event. Pre-entry requires entrants to acknowledge that they must not attend if they or a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms, or if they have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, and that they will abide by the Participant Code of Conduct at all times.

Competition: The results of this event will be used to determine the NE Score Champions for 2022. To be competitive in the Championship you must be a member of a club affiliated to the NEOA, but is open to other competitors.

Please Note: the clocks go back one hour before our event so remember to factor this into your travel time!

Travel: The event will be signed from the B6342, approx 7km north of Scots Gap, grid ref NZ059929, nearest post code NE61 4PH, ‘what3words’ – ///faced.factually.scooped (travelling from the south turn left at sharp right hand bend, from the north turn right). Once leaving the B6342 the route to the event follows a single track road for about 2km, please take care and show courtesy to local residents.

Parking: will be on rough pasture land on the top of a well drained field, at grid ref NZ042942, nearest postcode NE61 4PN, ‘what3words’ – ///radio.footpath.result. In the event of heavy rain we will be utilising the Fisherman’s car park at the reservoir – unfortunately this is pay and display (currently £1.50 – 2hrs, £3.50 – 4hrs, £5 – all day).

Registration: open from 10:00-12:00 for dibber collection etc.  
Hired dibbers should be collected from the Enquiries / Download van located in the parking area  
Start times from 10:30-12:30, courses close 14:00.

Pre-entry: Pre-entries are now closed, however there is limited entry on the day. The entry list can be viewed here

Fees: BO member £8, non-member £10, junior £2, dibber hire £1.

Start / finish: adjacent to parking

EPS: This event will use the SportIdent electronic system. Control stations will be enabled for touch free punching (SIAC) but competitors will need to punch the start and finish control. All control sites will have a backup system in the event of control failure. This involves a tag with a unique 3 letter word instead of the traditional punch. Remember the word and report it to the download team to prove you have visited the control.

Map: Fontburn Reservoir, Scale 1:10000, contours 5m, A4 in size, symbols to ISOM2017-2. The original map was surveyed during 1988/89 by M.Swales & A.Philipson, redrawn by Rob McKenna in 2007 and updated for this event – it was last used in October 2018. Maps will have course overprinted and on waterproof paper. If you prefer further protection then please supply your own bag (A4).

Terrain: Fontburn Reservoir is a fast, runnable, grassy, lowland fell area, used for sheep and cattle grazing. Areas of marshy reed grass on the lower slopes and some small tussocky areas on the higher slopes may hinder progress. There are also a few small wooded areas which line the stream valley and the reservoir. In general, most of the contour features are quite subtle and some of the mapped boulders are relatively small.

Crossing Points: There are a number of crossing points on the courses and competitors should use these at all times – fences should NOT be climbed. Please report any damage done to registration / download.

Control descriptions: will be will be on the back of the map. They will be in pictorial format. Click here for a copy of the IOF pictorial control descriptions.

Safety: The area is quite exposed and competitors should come prepared as conditions can change rapidly. A whistle should be carried. All competitors that have registered to start must report to download before they leave the area, even if they have not finished. Lone competitors should leave their details at registration.

Facilities: First Aid is located at registration.  Public toilets are available at the Fisherman’s car park  – turn left just before the reservoir (approx. 1km from the event parking) where you will also find a small shop selling ices and confectionary (limited opening times). Once you have crossed the dam, there is also a portaloo in a small car park on the left (500m from the event parking). It may be advisable to visit the toilets on the way up to the event to avoid the walk back down towards the reservoir. Sorry, there will be no water at the finish, please bring your own supply.

Dogs: Dogs are NOT allowed at this event – there may be cattle and sheep grazing in the parking area. If you must bring your dog, then you should park in one of the Fisherman’s car parks at the reservoir (approx 1km from registration).


  • Organiser – Boris Spence, tel: 07946 231571, email
  • Planner – Julian Warren
  • Controller – Allie Wilson-Craw (NATO)

This is a score type of event open to all and planned to meet the guidelines for the NE Score Championships.
A number of controls will be set out which you can visit in any order. There will be a time limit (see below) – collect as many controls as possible in the given time – each control will have a point value with points deducted for being over time.
There will be a penalty of 10 points per minute or part of for being overtime. The winner will be the competitor with the most points in the shortest time.
The results of this event will be used to determine the North East Score Championships in the following categories:   

60 min – Men Open, Men Vet (40+), Men Super Vet (55+)     
60 min – Women Open, Women Vet (40+)     
45 min – Men Ultra Vet (65+), Men Junior (16-), Men Young Junior (12-)     
45 min – Women Super Vet (55+), Women Ultra Vet (65+), Women Junior (16-), Women Young Junior (12-)
You may want to run out of class and if so you must declare this at registration (i.e. 45 or 60 min course).
NEOA members will qualify for certificates to be awarded to the class winners shown above.
There will also be a Yellow course, independent of the score event.


Routegadget Do please put your routes on to compare with others. You can upload a gpx course from your watch, or just draw your course if you don’t have this. Generic instructions here.
Even if you don’t draw your course, you can see the order of controls people have chosen to go to.

North East Score Champions 2022

Congratulations to the winners in their category:

Open Barney WarrenNNElizabeth BedwellNN
VetJohn PhizackleaNATOSue MetcalfeNATO
Super VetGeorge HareNATOGwenda CavillNATO
Ultra VetLes CavillNATOHelen RaffertyNATO
JuniorBenedict SandersonNATO