Wednesday Club Night – Everyone Welcome

Have a look here for a list of club night activities and locations – the latest one is on the homepage.

Broompark 2022

We meet as a club most Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm in various locations around Durham.

Informal sessions are put on by volunteers in many different formats, but all will help build orienteering skills. We have had:

  • Virtual orienteering courses using MapRun – you can still run the course even if you don’t have the tech. Often score events.
  • Pace counting.
  • Compass work
  • Mazes (see photo above)
  • Working in teams on control placement and retrieval.

You will always be accommodated regardless of your experience, we want to make these fun nights (yes even in the rain).

We currently use a WhatsApp group to co-ordinate the evenings.
Also keep an eye on our Facebook page.
For further information contact the development officer Club Contacts – Northern Navigators Orienteering Club (