Belmont Street-O

Local Street-O Series No. 4, Thursday 17th August 2023

Belmont Street-O

Results Published

Info: This event will be a 45 minute Score event – simply visit as many controls as you can in 45 minutes by running, walking or jogging. Suitable for all abilities!

Travel: The area is located in Belmont on the north east side of Durham, with start, finish and registration off Brackendale Road adjacent to Cheveley Park Children’s Playground, at grid ref NZ 307 435, nearest postcode DH1 2AB, ‘what3words’ – ///them.values.grewgoogle maps.

Bus routes from Seaham and Durham stop at the Links bus stop 2 minutes walk from registration, buses from Durham and Sunderland stop at Carrville High Street bus stop approximately 10 minutes (0.65km/0.4miles) walk from registration.

Parking: Parking is available on the Cheveley Centre road adjacent to the park and also on the adjacent residential streets – please park considerately for local residents.

The nearest official bike racks are adjacent to Belmont Library (approx 2 minutes walk), however there are also several features which could be used to secure your bike at Registration. Registration will be manned throughout the event so bags etc. may be left here at the owner’s risk.

Entries: Entry on day, or pre-enter before 11am Thursday 17th August using the following form: (pre-entry would be appreciated so that we can estimate map numbers). Payment should be on the day.

Registration: Registration will be open from 18:15, with starts from 18:30 to 19:00.

Fees: Seniors – £2.50, Juniors – £1.50. Please bring correct change if possible.

Start: Starts will be from 18:30 to 19:00, same location as registration.

Punching: There will be no punches at controls, although SI timing will be used to determine start and finish times – please bring your own SI if you have one (also available free of charge to borrow, lost or non-returned SI cards will be charged at £30).

Controls will be items of street furniture or similar with a simple question at each control to prove that you have visited (e.g. what number is this postbox?). Please bring a pen or similar to record your answer.

Map & Area: Belmont – Scale 1:7500, 5m contours. Open Street Map produced using Open Orienteering Mapper.

Terrain: A mixture of housing, parkland and public footpaths.

Control descriptions: Control descriptions will be on the reverse of the map in the form of questions or clues (e.g. ‘lamppost number’) – there will be NO loose paper copies available on the day.

Facilities: There will be no toilets available at the event.

Safety: Area is an urban area. All competitors that have registered to start must report to registration after they finish (even if they do not wish their score/time to be recorded). Competitors are welcome to carry a phone when they compete. There will be a first aid kit and first aiders at registration.

The course crosses urban roads with speed limits up to 30mph. In addition the course goes close to several small streams. Juniors aged under 16 should be accompanied/shadowed on the course by a parent/guardian.

Dogs: Dogs will be allowed but under close control – please clean up after your dog.


  • Planners – Elizabeth Bedwell and Paul Cumner
  • Organiser – Matthew Foskett

Single 45 minute Score course. Visit as many controls as you can, in any order, in 45 minutes by running, walking or jogging.

10 points per control. 10 points penalty per minute (or part of) late.

The course will involve road crossings so Juniors aged under 16 should be accompanied/shadowed on the course by a parent/guardian.

Please give space and be courteous to members of the public.

Participants take part at their own risk.

Congratulations to Barnaby Warren for winning the series! Series results linked below.
2023 Street-O Series Score Table

Results from this event in table below.

Routegadget As there were no controls out, just paper records it would be great if you can add your route to Routegadget . This can either be an upload of your GPX track (from Garmin / Strava etc) , or just draw it on from memory. You will need to enter your name and time.

Event Results Table

PositionNameCategoryClubTimePointsPenaltyFinal Score
1Barney WarrenM21NN00:42:512500250
2Nigel WrightM50NN00:44:452400240
3Tom DuttonM21NN00:45:4624010230
4Maya Hampshire WrightW20NN00:41:392100210
5Meg BakerW21NN00:43:342100210
6Kate HampshireW50NN00:40:421700170
7Christophe PattersonM21IND00:44:291700170
8Thomas PuschmannM12NN00:39:401600160
9Chris DaleM45IND00:39:411600160
10Dave PeelM45NN00:40:521600160
11Julian WarrenM60NN00:41:591600160
12Horst PuschmannM55NN00:43:111600160
13Debby WarrenW60NN00:44:091500150
14Maddie HarrisW21IND00:41:381400140
15Fred MillerM70NATO00:43:241400140
16Susan FordW21NN00:45:3413010120
17Oliver CainesM14NN00:39:4990090
18Alex MachinM35NATO00:44:5890090
19Oliver PuschmannM10NN00:44:5280080
20Aileen CongreveW45NN00:44:5880080
21Boris SpenceM65NN00:49:231205070