Wed 26 Apr

This week’s training will be based at Shincliffe park, please meet at 6:30pm , Low road where there is also on street parking.

Bikes would need locking to lampost or similar I think.

Additional car parking is available here:

You will need a trainers with good grip, as it will be slippery in the woods, and probably a compass! I’d definitely recommend long leg cover (especially for long course).

There is a choice of either a short course 3 or a long course both with maprun, which will be very useful to confirm where you are, so id recommend using it.

Short course 3.2km straight line (probably 3.5km as you’d run,)

Long course straight line, (over 5km as you’d run)

Neither course being particularly flat!

Can you please let me know numbers and what course your likely to want to do by 3pm Wednesday for map printing. Map Reservation