Wed 22 Nov

We will be at Low Burnhall, meeting at 6.30pm (starting at the main carpark and bike rack,

Please let us know by Wednesday, 12 noon if you would like a map. Please can we ask for 50p/map this week to cover printing costs etc. as we are expecting slightly more people and putting out actual kites this week.

You will want a good headtorch (please ask if you don’t have one as others may well be able to lend one), long leg cover and shoes suitable for muddy paths etc. It is also recommended that you bring a whistle and/or phone in case of emergencies (my number is 07582 368016). You may also want a compass (NN have some that can be lent).

Vampire-O is basically a cross between orienteering and tag! The orienteering part is a 45 minute score course – visit as many controls as you can in 45 minutes. Each control will have an orienteering kite and a clipper which you use to punch in the relevant box on your map. There will be a few people who are ‘Vampires’ these people will have a red torch. If you are caught by a vampire they steal your map with all your scores! You get the red torch and become a vampire and have to catch someone else to get their score. The winner is the person with the highest score at the end of the 45 minutes. map reservation