NN away days 6th Feb

Two very distant events on Sunday, firstly the NATO local event at Prudhoe with about 60 competitors.
Blue: Ross was 2nd M45 (9th) and Dougie 2nd M60 (14th).
Green: Bod was 1st M75 (5th).
Lt Green: Roberta was 1st W65 (8th)
Orange: Logan was 1st M10 (6th) – on his first Orange?

In the south lakes, LOC had a popular Cumbrian Gallopen at Bethecar Moor (near Grizedale) with over 250 competitors. I was a good sunny day, on open moorland with a lots of knolls / crags – and marshes. Have a look at Routegadget for the map.
Brown: Barney 2nd M21 (9th), Max 3rd M35 (21st – after a 20 mile fell race the day before).
Green: Allen 5th M65 (32nd) and Debby 9th W60 (54th)
Sh. Green: Julian 2nd M60 (9th).
Allen finished the Green course with one decent trainer and one slick, after the sole of his trusty OROC 340s parted company (removed from the moor of course). New OROC Ultra 290s arrived in time for this weekend.