Northern Navigators Orienteering Club

formerly Lanchester Orienteers

previously Browney Waders

established 1969

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Schools Orienteering

There is a good source of information and advice for schools that are interested in introducing Orienteering to the curriculum on the
British Orienteering website and mapping advice is also available here.


The club has already mapped a number of schools in the North East including:

 Amble Middle SchoolHighfield Community Primary School (Sunderland)
 Ashington High SchoolHill View Junior School (Sunderland)
 Barbara Priestman School (Sunderland)Hylton Red House School (Sunderland)
 Bede Community Primary School (Gateshead)Kingsmeadow Community School (Gateshead)
 Bernard Gilpin School (Houghton le Spring)Marsden Primary School (South Shields)
 Blackfell Primary School (Washington)North View Academy (Sunderland)
 Blackhall Colliery Primary SchoolOur Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School (Shotton Colliery)
 Bournmoor Primary School (Houghton le Spring)Redby Primary Academy (Sunderland)
 Coquet High School (Amble)Seaton Burn Community College (Newcastle)
 Cramlington High SchoolSpringwell Village Primary School (Gateshead)
 Crook Primary SchoolSt Bedes School (Lanchester)
 Dame Allans Boys School (Newcastle)St Joseph's RC Primary School (Washington)
 Durham High School for GirlsSt Marys School (Whickham)
 Grangetown Primary School (Sunderland)Tanfield School
 Harraton Primary School (Washington)Thomas Hepburn School (Gateshead)
 Harton Technology College (South Shields)Valley Road Community Primary School (Sunderland)


If you are interested in having your school grounds mapped then please contact the NN club mapping representative.

Durham & Chester-le-St Schools Sports Partnership Project

In 2013, Northern Navigators embarked on an exiting project in league with Durham City School Sport Partnership (DSSP) and County Durham Sport to map a number of schools in and around Durham City and delivery an introductory Orienteering session.
The initial aim of the project was to provide an orienteering resource for approximately 45 schools of primary and secondary status which was to involve producing an 'O' map of the school grounds, delivering an orienteering resource pack and providing teacher training. The schools were to be organised in 6 'clusters' which were to consist of one large secondary school and about 6 local primary schools. Funding was to be sourced through County Durham Sport with a small financial input from the schools involved. The project was to culminate in a series of festivals to be organised by the club near the end of 2013. Once the funding has been approved, a list of the schools involved will be published here.


DSSP update - 24.10.13

Although most of the schools were very enthusiastic about the project, the initial plan submitted for funding was rejected by Sport England basically on the grounds that any grant would only be available for pupils of 14 years and up. Following a productive meeting with DSSP and CDS a revised package was thrashed out and will be put to interested colleges and schools. Hopefully a compromise will be able to allow us to proceed.


DSSP update - 12.12.13

After putting a revised package to primary schools in the Durham area, 26 schools have now indicated an interest and mapping is underway.


DSSP update - 12.6.14

The project is now nearing completion with 16 primary schools mapped and in-school session completed. A further 4 schools have had their map approved and are awaiting the in-school session later this month. One school is waiting for approval of the map before proceeding. An additional school has been added to the list and a map is in production. Two schools which are having building work done will be completed later in the year. An Orienteering Festival (Inter-School Primaries competition) is to be staged at Framwellgate School on 1st July 2014.


DSSP participating schools

The full list of schools in the project is as follows:

 Belmont clusterHermitage cluster
   Ludworth Primary  Newker Primary
   Pittington Primary 
  Roseberry cluster
 Durham Gilesgate cluster  Ouston Primary
   Laurel Avenue Primary  Pelton Roseberry Primary
   Durham Gilesgate Primary  Pelton Community Primary
   Kelloe Primary 
  Parkview cluster
 Durham Community Business College cluster  Lumley Junior
   New Brancepeth Primary 
   Browney PrimarySt Leonards’s cluster
    St Godric’s RCVA
 Durham Johnson cluster  Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RCVA
   Bowburn Infant  St Thomas More RCVA
   Shincliffe C of E Primary  St Joseph’s RCVA
   Langley Moor Primary  St Benet’s RCVA
 Framwellgate clusterSpecial schools
   Framwellgate Moor Primary  Elemore Hall Primary School (building works in progress)
   Bluecoat C of E Junior
   Newton Hall Infants


DSSP update - Inter-Primaries Festival, 1.7.14

Five schools accepted the offer to compete at the Inter-Primaries competition held at Framwellgate School in Durham. The event was planned by Phill Batts of CLOK who created a 'white' course which was 1.5km long with 18 controls using EMIT electronic punching. Pupils ran in pairs of which the six fastest times for each school counted towards the overall result on the day. The winning school was Shincliffe C of E Primary School who also had the fastest winning pair of Luke Dale and Alexander Lythgoe with an impressive time of 6:34.

A 'cones' type exercise called 'Combat Numbers' was ran in conjunction with the main event. This involved 20 EMIT stations arranged in a matrix of 5 x 4 with numbers scattered randomly. Pupils had to visit each station in numerical order and the fastest to complete this task was the winner. Again, Shincliffe had the fastest pairing of Ethan Phillips and Samuel Thomas with a time of 1:52.

Full results can be found here.


DSSP update - Inter-Primaries Festival, 10.7.15

Five schools were again involved in this Inter-Primary competition which was held at Framwellgate School, Durham. The format was much the same as the previous year with pairs of children running a 'white' course planned by Phill Batts. The overall winning school this time was Bluecoat C of E Junior School, who also had the fastest pair of Niamh Livesey and Lawrence Nichol with a time of 9:02.

There was no 'Combat Numbers' exercise this time, but Emma Nicol of DSSP kept the children occupied with a variety of other games and exercises on the sports field.

Full results can be found here.


DSSP update - 26.2.16

Following a meeting of DSSP primary school teachers at the Sjvol Centre at Framwellgate on 12th January, a further two schools have taken up the offer to have their school mapped and introduce orienteering:

 Belmont Cheveley Park Primary and Finchale Primary


Easington Schools Sports Partnership Project

Following a meeting of the Easington district Primary and Secondary school PE co-ordinators at Shotton Hall in April 2016, where a similar offer as the DSSP project was made to the schools, a number of primary and one secondary school have decided to introduce orienteering into their curriculum. The schools involved to date are:

 St Bede's Catholic Comprehensive School - Peterlee
 Acre Rigg Academy - Peterlee
 Howletch Lane Primary School - Peterlee
 Hutton Henry CofE Primary School
 Seaham Trinity Primary School
 St Mary Magdalen RCVA Primary School - Seaham