NN away trips on 20 Nov

A hardy few went to the Claro Ellington Banks (near Ripon) event on Sunday 20 Nov. Ellington Banks (previously guise was Hollins Head) is a military area, and the event, run by Claro also had in parallel a BAOC inter corps event on – though they had separate courses. Tom Dutton was 9th on the Brown (4th M21), Allen Banister 13th on the Green (2nd M65) Max Wilkinson unfortunately had 2 wrong controls on the blue course. The woods to the west of the area are now proper runnable white, though after the heavy rains the tank training area in the east (complete with an old tank) was very muddy in places – runners were heading in all sorts of directions. Well worth a visit though. Max and Allen have uploaded to RouteGadget if you want to see how they got on. Ellington Banks Regional 2022-11-20 (routegadget.co.uk)

Heading north, just three NN’s went to Newburn, Dougie Nisbet was 4th on the Blue (1st M55), Debby Warren missed 2 on the Green course (maybe she might edit the post with why?) and Roberta Marshall was 3rd on Orange.